Welcome to our first blogpost

By Taha Aharaz   ·    3 min read

Hello there, welcome to our blog. This is officially the very first post on the Audiorista blog. And so, to try our own medicine, in a sense, we have also recorded it for you to listen to (this is by the way our own embeddable audio player that’s customizable and sticky)..

Audio is lit!

So what will we be exploring? Well, as you may have heard, audio is lit! The focus of this blog will then be audio - as well as topics that relate like media trends, web technologies, and general monetization tips and tricks. We love to hear about great podcast apps, brave new audiobook publishers, and visionary audio entrepreneurs.

Everyday and every hour something interesting is happening in audioland; new interesting podcasts are published; new audio technologies are launched and new audio businesses are launched. Basically, we want to do our part and help as much as possible to grow audio. Sure, we want to offer our services. But if we can promote, even inspire others here on our blog: that’s the dream.


We love audio!

Our story with audio started in 2010 when we were aspiring audio entrepreneurs ourselves. In fact, we started out selling ebooks and audiobooks - first in Denmark, then throughout Scandinavia. Soon we were approached by others to help in their technical endeavors. And so we became audio technology entrepreneurs. In the proceeding years, we’ve helped startups, creators, publishers, and media companies create amazing audio experiences. In this time we’ve been following the audio space closely.

We have a deep interest in both content and technology. That’s why we say we love audio. And we’re not alone: audio creation and consumption have been growing wildly. More podcasts and audiobooks are consumed every year with CAGR of 30% and 25% according to Deloitte (A). Powerful technologies from recording, to hosting, to distribution as well as smart devices have created a platform on which audio is truly being democratized. Today anyone can become a radio host or audio entrepreneur. We believe these trends will continue and are only growing in strength.

How can we help?

Chances are that you are here because you also have an interest in audio. Maybe you are an audio entrepreneur or maybe you‘re contemplating doing something audio related. If you have something on your mind and you think we can help out - maybe here on our blog - we would love to hear (B). Thanks for reading (or listening to) our first blogpost. We hope to see you here again soon.