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Audiorista is part of the Pubfront suite of products. Pubfront is located in Denmark in the beautiful city of Copenhagen. The team has been working on audio services for books since 2010 and has, over the years, co-founded several audio startups in Scandinavia with this focus.

The experiences and learnings over the years building these services have culminated in the Audiorista platform. The vision of Audiorista is to help any creator, company or entrepreneurial soul in the audio and voice space to create truly wonderful audio experiences as the internet is moving into the age of audio.

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Max Theilade

Founder & CEO

Taha Aharaz

Product Founder & CBDO

Experts in audio & voice

Since 2010 the team behind Audiorista has been working on audio experiences. Today, the Audiorista team has created a platform for others to create a truly magnificent audio and voice experiences.


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