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Audiorista is a flagship product within the Pubfront suite of products, headquartered in the bustling city of Copenhagen, Denmark. Our team brings a wealth of experience in digital media, with roots extending back to audio services for books in 2010. Over the past decade, we've co-founded multiple startups in Scandinavia, each contributing to our depth of knowledge in media technology.

Today, the Audiorista platform serves as a comprehensive media app builder that enables creators, companies, and forward-thinking individuals to produce unparalleled experiences across audio, video, and written content. Designed to be user-friendly yet robust, Audiorista provides seamless integrations, customizable features, and a scalable infrastructure to meet your content business needs.

As we move forward into an ever-evolving digital landscape, our vision for Audiorista is to be the ultimate enabler for content creators. We understand that the future of media is not confined to a single format or platform. That's why Audiorista is committed to staying at the forefront of technology, offering solutions that let you engage your audience effectively, no matter the medium.

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Max Theilade

Founder & CEO

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Product Founder & CBDO

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Since 2010, the team behind Audiorista has been pioneering in the realm of digital experiences. Evolving from a focus on audio and voice, today's Audiorista offers a comprehensive platform enabling creators to build exceptional media apps across audio, ebooks, and video. We empower you to deliver captivating and seamless content experiences for your audience.


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