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Monetize your on-demand audio like audiobooks, podcasts, or courses in your own subscription service and start streaming your content to new and existing listeners. Complete with your own branding and engaging features for browsing and listening.

Easy no-code solution. Zero hassle. All devices.


Powering audio brands of all sizes

Made for creators, publishers, and many more

Create the ultimate audio app

Customized to fit your brand

We provide you with a beautiful and user-friendly app you can fully customize to your brand with options for custom colors, typeface, logos, onboarding, and more.


Offline listening, favorites, and play-history

Let your listeners save their favorites and download them for offline listening. Plus, let them see their play history and rediscover the content they love. 


Smooth and secure listening, online and off

With HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), you can deliver the smoothest listening experience possible while retaining full control of your content. We protect and authorize access to every track. 


Designed for optimal listening experiences

Flexible playback controls like rewind/fast forward, playback speed, skip to position, remember last playback position, Airplay/Chromecast, timer, and much more give your users the freedom to enjoy your content their way.

Configurable menus and features

Set up your app so the navigation makes your content easy to find and enjoy. Want to add search, queue handling, content feed, playlist layouts, or banners? We’ve got you covered.


In-app and push notifications

Drive engagement by letting your audience know when you’ve published new content or have a recommendation for them. In-app and push notifications will keep you relevant.


Paywall with in-app purchase

Subscriptions or one-time purchases - we got you. You can also give away free listens, samples, freebies, free trials, and discount codes. Our apps' paywall integrate with in-app purchases for both iOS and Android, but we also support subscriptions via leading payment, CRM, and ecommerce solutions.

Add video

Add video as either background animations for your audio or as primary content for instance for podcast videos or instructional content. Our VOD (video on-demand) works exactly like for audio with progress tracking, casting, and much more.


Customizable audio apps for ios, android, and web

Your apps. All devices.

Offer a Netflix-like subscription service for audio that captivates your audience and works seamlessly across devices. We provide you with apps for all platforms, so you can monetize your audio and focus on what you do best—creating great content.


We’ll handle the tech so you don’t have to

Whitelabel website with paywall

Audio upload, hosting & CMS dashboard

Whitelabel apps with 
in-app purchases

Audio production tools and content migration

App setup, distribution, and management

24/7 support for you
and your business

Content and usage insights

SSO support & private programs

Why is Audiorista right for you?

Your own beautiful audio app. No coding required.

  • Create your own audio app complete with authentication, paywall, browsing, and superior playback functionality.

  • Define your brand and style with logos, images, icons, fonts, and much more.

  • Choose from a number of templates based on your use-case and define exactly the experience you always imagined for your listeners.

  • Onboard your listeners with questions about preferences or interests and let them see exactly what they love.


Creation made easy

  • Simple upload of tracks as single or in bulk and control when you want to publish and to who.

  • Enrich your meta-data and provide extra-materials to give your listeners even more of what they love.

  • Create your playlists, style them the way you want, and update your apps on the fly with new and inspiring browsing.

Monetization and engagement tailored to you

  • Web checkout, single sign-on, in-app subscriptions, and integrations with leading ecommerce and marketing systems to help you drive growth.

  • Set your pricing to whatever level feels right for you, whether that’s a one-time fee or an ongoing subscription.

  • Real-time insights into usage and content to help you inform your pricing and content strategy.

  • In-app and push notifications to drive engagement and increase content relevance.


The audio platform that grows with you

  • Flexible and transparent pricing that scales from listener one to one million(+).

  • Go global in every market, language, and currency with easy localization with multi-language support.

  • Start on the platforms that suit you and add more as you grow. For instance launch your audio website first and add native apps for iOS and Android when the time is right.

  • Full control of your audience, data, and brand. Now and forever!

Promote your audio better

embeddable AUDIO PLAYER FOR WEBSITEs & Blogs

Promote with widgets that keep playing

Turn any website or blog into an audio destination. Our audio widget is no-code - easy to install and simple to use. Our player understands your listeners’ behavior and lets them listen freely to your audio even as they browse other pages on a particular domain. You can of course customize it completely so it fits your style and brand.


Shareable Pages for Social Media

Use social posts to drive traffic

Create small landing pages that you can share on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok. Use these pages to share descriptions, artwork, and samples of your content to drive traffic to other destinations like your podcast website or apps. The pages are created with sharing features in focus to help you make your content heard.

Podcast distribution to Apple, Google, and more

Make yourself heard on leading podcast services

Distribute easily your content to podcast platforms and drive traffic to your website and apps. It's easy to set up and provides you with the intelligence you need. Distribute freebies and inform your followers about all the other cool content in your apps.


“Audiorista has what any publication could ask for to please one’s audience with audio.”

Kristian Lee Dahm Dickov, CCO Foresight Climate & Energy

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