Supercharge your audio strategy

The only plug and play audio platform that gives you full control of your consumer relationship. Don't compromise, keep your listeners close and on your own service.


Binge-listening is the future

Keep visitors longer on your site with audio playing functionality.
Attract new visitors with audio samples in front of paywalls.
Persistent playback allows users to browse freely without stopping the audio stream.
Intelligent audio playlists will keep serving relevant content to your customers.
Monetize your content behind a paywall or with targeted ads.

FULLY customizable and flexible audio platform

Your audio, your brand

  • The world’s fastest, most customizable and easily embeddable audio player.
  • White-label audio apps for iOS and Android and skills for Alexa that can be customized for your brand and universe.
  • Mobile SDKs for iOS and Android as well as APIs to seamlessly integrate Audiorista into your current offerings.

Innovative Audioplayer Widget with Advanced Features

The audio player that keeps going

  • Unique audio player that follows your browsing and navigation with persistant playback.
  • Fully customizable UI so you can get a seamless and native looking player that fits your brand.
  • Domain & Geo-restrictions ensures that content is only playable on your site.


Do you have an app for that?

  • Reduce coding hours and build better apps with code libraries for iOS & Android.
  • Access the power of the platform with API access.
  • Integrates easily into existing apps.

Code free plug-n-play AUDIO platform

No developers needed

  • Get-up and running in no time - no technical set-up, integration or knowledge needed.
  • Everything you need is included: dashboard, transcoding service, cloud hosting, CDN, analytics and much more.
  • Valuable listening data collected on every user interaction.