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With Audiorista you can start monetizing your podcasts across your own suite of branded apps and turn third-party revenue into premium subscriptions

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Custom audio apps for podcast businesses and networks on iOS, Android, and more

Start monetizing your podcast and audio productions. Today.

We have made it easy for you to get started with all the tools and tech you need so you can focus on what makes your podcasts great and your audience grow.

Fully customizable and no-code apps

With Audiorista you can start monetizing your podcasts across your own suite of branded apps.

Full content and CMS control

From our powerful CMS, you can manage all content and create a rich browsing experience by adding episodes into shows, playlists, or feeds.

Powerful selling and subscription options

Podcast subscriptions or one-time purchases - we got you. You can also give away free listens, samples, freebies, free trials, and discount codes.

In-depth customer and listening analytics

With fine-grained listening and customer data you can explore how your episodes and shows perform and report better than ever.

Create a world-class podcast experience on iOS and Android

Native apps with HLS streaming that syncs across devices

With native apps and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), you can deliver the smoothest listening experience possible. We also let your users download to offline, add to their favorites, continue from where they left off, and so much more.
Mix with premium video and text content

Add ebooks, videos, and animated artwork

With support for epubs, pdfs, and different video formats, we have made it easy for you to let your listeners immerse into a full-media experience. Add other formats as extra-materials or create a mixed media experience with your premium content and give your podcast listener more than they ever expected.
Your brand - your podcast app

Configure menus, logos, colors, typefaces, and more

We provide you with a beautiful and user-friendly app you can fully customize to your brand with options for custom colors, typeface, logos, icons onboarding, and much more. Your podcasts and premium content has never looked better.
Engage your listeners with podcast updates

Send out push and in-app notifications

Keep your listeners dedicated by sending out notifications with  episode updates, premium content, or updates based on their preferences.
Get started in a breeze

Integrations for ecomm, SSO, and content ingest

No matter what your audio needs are, we have made it easy for you to get started. With support for your SSO, ecommerce and content partners, we make it easy to migrate, setup and manage everything. And in case you need something extra, we have experts waiting to help you.

Why Audiorista?

Our custom options support your every audio need. Our team is here to help you around the clock whether you need help with setup or have technical questions.

Easy to migrate, setup and manage

No matter what your audio needs are, we have made it easy for you to get started. With support for your SSO, ecommerce and content partners, we make it easy to migrate, setup and manage everything.

Simple and cost-effective pricing

Our pricing model is simple and grows as you grow. Whether you are a creator, start-up or an established corporation, we have a plan for you.

Custom features and support

We’re here to help you. Our dedicated success, tech, and support teams are at your behest to help you get you what you need, when you need it.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you support SSO integrations?

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Yes, we support custom SSO as well as major SSO services. We also support multiple authentication options such Apple, Facebook and Google.

Is my content distributed securely?

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Yes, with HLS we make sure your audio is only streamed over secure bandwidth with 128bit encryption. If a user saves your audio to offline, we make sure it is securely stored and encrypted locally.

Can I get custom features?

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It is possible to customize menus, lists, meta-data, colors, icons, logos, typefaces, and functionality. However, if you need something extra, we can always help out. We have +10 years of experience in providing happy clients with custom features of all sorts. Just reach out and we make sure to help you.

Do I own my subscriber and listening data?

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Yes, all subscriber and listening data is yours. We take no possession over any data that relates to your content and customers and we do not wish to.

Do you build my apps natively for iOS and Android?

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Yes, all our apps are build on native iOS and Android functionality. We make sure your users only get the best - to us that means a 100% native experience.

How do I monetise my audio?

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There are several monetization methods when you create an audio streaming service. You may choose to offer monthly subscriptions or one-time purchases. You can even bundle the offering with an existing subscription or purchase. On top of this, you can offer freebies, samples, trials, and much more to engage potential customers and reduce churn. We offer you the possibility of in-app purchases using Apple and Google functionality or host your web payments through ecommerce and payment services like Shopify, Stripe, Magento, and WooCommerce.

Do I get my own apps or is it a shared app experience?

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With Audiorista you get your own apps distributed through your own accounts on App Store and Google Play. We can help you get set up if you don't already have accounts.

Do you also support web?

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We support both web and native apps. Just reach out and request a free demo and we will show both if you want. That said, you can choose to only get our web or app solutions. It is up to you. We realize that you might already have a web solution that you are happy with which is why we support custom SSO as wells as several payment, ecommerce, and CRM integrations.