Embeddable audio player for your website

From a short welcome to offering all your web content in audio form—Audiorista’s hassle-free, no-code web widget makes your website a listening destination.


Offer a world-class listening experience

Persistent playback

Allow users to browse your site freely without stopping the audio stream.

Your website, you brand

Fully customizable UI so you get a player that uses your branding and looks native to your website. 

Continuous playback

Smart audio playlists will keep serving relevant content to your users while they’re on your website, encouraging them to explore your content library.

Next in queue 

Give your users the freedom to create their own queue that can play in the background as they browse your website.


Customizable features & styles 

You decide if your users can download or share your content, as well as what information they see. Plus, you can choose between a set of styles so you stay true to your brand DNA.

Granular listening data 

Unique audio player that follows your browsing and navigation with persistent playback.

“Audiorista has what any publication could ask for to please one’s audience with audio.”
Kristian Lee Dahm Dickov, CCO Foresight Climate & Energy


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