Embeddable audio player for your website

From a short welcome to offering all your web content in audio form—Audiorista’s hassle-free, no-code web widget makes your website a listening destination.


Offer a world-class listening experience

Persistent playback

Allow users to browse your site freely without stopping the audio stream.

Your website, you brand

Fully customizable UI so you get a player that uses your branding and looks native to your website. 

Continuous playback

Smart audio playlists will keep serving relevant content to your users while they’re on your website, encouraging them to explore your content library.

Next in queue 

Give your users the freedom to create their own queue that can play in the background as they browse your website.


Customizable features & styles 

You decide if your users can download or share your content, as well as what information they see. Plus, you can choose between a set of styles so you stay true to your brand DNA.

Granular listening data 

Unique audio player that follows your browsing and navigation with persistent playback.

“Audiorista has what any publication could ask for to please one’s audience with audio.”
Kristian Lee Dahm Dickov, CCO Foresight Climate & Energy

Frequently asked questions

What type of features do the white-label apps support?

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The white-label apps provide a state-of-the-art playback experience with a full feature set including AirPlay and Google Cast. It also allows users to browse your catalogue of content. The apps can also provide login functionality including single sign-on. Furthermore, it is possible to offer in-app subscription and purchases.

What if I go over my prepaid amount of minutes?

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We will let you know when you are running out of bandwidth. All standard accounts come with a bandwidth allocation of 1TB per month, which should be enough for most cases. If you exceed this limit, we’ll reach out.

Does Audiorista work with my existing podcast hosting?

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Yes, if you have an existing podcast hosting service, we have made it easy to import your podcast feed to Audiorista and take advantage of all our features.

What kind of customization does the player allow?

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It is possible to customize everything from colors, to icons, to functionality, to the general style. The widget supports three color settings, time control, headline, byline, styles (plain, image, wave) and much more. You decide how you want it to look.

What does persistent playback mean?

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Persistent means that the Audiorista player widget can follow the user around while they browse your webpage. If a user starts playing and decides to scroll, the player will stick to the screen to allow for easy access. Similarly, if the user navigates to another location on your site, the player will appear on that page and continue playing. The user experience is customizable based on your preferences.

Can I have multiple projects for my account?

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Yes, it is possible to have multiple projects for one account. It is also possible to add admins for your projects.

What do you mean with domain restriction?

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By default, the Audiorista player widget can be embedded on any page. However, if you're looking for a more restrictive setup, you can specify which domains the audio should be available on. This is useful for paywalling your content and similar use cases.

Is Audiorista different from podcast hosts?

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Audiorista will host and distribute your podcast, but is not just a classic podcast hosting service. It can be used to offer your users or customers an even better podcast experience by being available on your website, as well as integrate monetizing without a third party platform. We have made it easy to get started by providing you with a simple way to automatically import your podcast feed and create audio streams for each episode.


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