Maximize Focus on Listeners, Minimize Time Waste

By Taha Aharaz   ·    5 min read

Ever get overwhelmed when someone mentions a new social media platform that has just surfaced? Your colleagues are super-hyped about all the possibilities it comes with. The new platform comes with the promise of making your follower count skyrocket (well, if you outsmart the algorithm and market yourself just right, that is). 


Pretty soon it’s starting to look like it’ll make all of your marketing headaches go away. 

And so you wonder, ‘Should I be on it, too?’ 

Instantly you feel like you’re already behind and make a mental note to create a profile for your business as soon as you get home by end of work day. But wait, end of work day for a creative business owner is already… well, late into the night.

Let’s breathe for a second. Ever heard of Shiny Object Syndrome?

Almost every entrepreneur falls into this trap (but not you)

According to american author and coach, David Finkel, Shiny Object Syndrome is... “Instead of focusing on the big picture tasks that fuel growth for their business, they get side-tracked by a new business idea or project that feels new and exciting.”


You see how that becomes a distraction to the core product or service you’re here to provide.


Now, back to our problem. 


It’s good that you’re always open to new ideas and you obviously want your business to be ahead of the curve but what seems like the new end-all-be-all solution to your marketing efforts might be a shiny object syndrome. 


This is the only thing you need to ask yourself

A good way to know if you’re considering changing everything to get onto that new shiny thing thinking that it’s easier than what you’ve already been doing - hit the pause button.

And make sure you’re not wasting your time.

Here’s how.

Ask yourself these two questions:


  1. Say you created this new profile. If you’re being honest - might this *shiny new thing* actually end up distracting you from providing your listeners with more of your golden content? 
  1. Would you rather use your time creating episodes - and curating an even better listening experience for your listeners? 

(Unless, of course, you really do sit in your chaiselong rolling thumbs not knowing what to do with all your surplus time looking at all the unused space in your calendar.) 


If you’d answer yes to both, it might not be anything more than that: a distraction in a new and shiny disguise. 


Back on track with your genius self.


And don’t feel bad. It is a challenge to keep a cool head when some new shiny thing comes along and promises you an even-better-than-before shortcut to growth, engagement, and loyal audiences. 

But we can’t get around the fact that prioritizing your time and efforts is the most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to building any kind of audio business in a sustainable manner.

Your listeners will thank you for going narrow focused

The good news is: When it comes to creating loyal listeners - you’ll do good by giving them what they are expecting from you: 


A listening experience they can only get from you.


So prioritize the listener experience before creating any more profiles on new social media platforms.


New social media platforms will keep popping like popcorn but more than anything your listeners are waiting to hear your voice again.


Know that you’re doing it right as an audio creator when you focus on giving your listeners an experience that keeps them coming back to you for more. 


And remember, if you’re feeling overwhelmed - you’re not the only one. Honestly, the rate new media platforms are entering the marketing space is a bit much.


Here at Audiorista it’s our pleasure to help you make a business out of what you’ve already created.

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